Call for paper

    The topic is included, but not limited:

    Robotics   Data Processing

    Networked and Distributed Intelligent Control
    Tele-robotics and Tele-operation Data Integration, Interoperability, and Metadata
    Real Time Supervisory Control Fuzzy Systems, Neuro-Fuzzy Systems Ubiquitous Data Management and Mobile Databases
    Adaptive Control Systems Control Theory and Application Query processing, query optimization, and data structures
    Embedded Systems Artificial Neural Networks in robotics or automation Data Privacy and Security
    Mobile and Autonomous Systems Estimation and Identification Data Mining
    Virtual Systems
    Artificial Intelligence in Biosystems
    Semi-structured Data and XML Databases
    Multi-Agent Collaborative Systems (MACS) Genetic Algorithm (GA) Distributed, Parallel, Peer to Peer databases
    Biorobotics, Biomechatronics Evolutionary Computation (EC) and Algorithms Web Data Management and Deep Web
    Space and Underwater Robotics DNA Computing for Autonomous Agents Scientific and Biological Databases and Bioinformatics
    Cooperative and Network Robotics Environmental and Food sensors Workflow, Web Services
    Entertainment Robotics Vision Systems for Automation and Robotics Stream Processing and Sensor Databases
    Rescue Robotics Smart Sensors and Sensor Fusion Data Grids, Data Warehousing, OLAP
    Agriculture and Field Robotics Implantable Sensors for Robotic Applications Temporal, Spatial, and Multimedia databases
    Service and Security Robotics Sensors for Factory and Home Automation Database Applications and Experiences
    Biped and Humanoid Robots Instrumentation for Robotics and Automation Database System Internals and Performance
    Human-Machine Interfaces and Interaction Virtual Systems for Training and Education  
    Factory and Home Automation Novel Robotic Locomotion  
    Robotics and Industrial Monitoring Mechatronics or Robotics Education  
    Simulation and Modelling of Robotic Systems  Navigation, Mapping and Path Planning  

    Who will attend?

    Principal investigators, scientists, engineers, managers, government program officers, professors, R&D professionals, postdoctoral researchers, and Ph.D. students involved in Data Processing and Robotics will benefit from ICDPR 2022.

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    We sincerely welcome experts in the areas of Data Processing and Robotics join the conference as reviewer . Send email to for further information. Your request will be processed in 3 working days.

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    If you are interested in giving presentation on conference, without publishing your paper in the proceeding, you can choose to attend ICDPR 2022 as Presenter. As presenter, you need to submit the abstract and title of your presentation before register. Send email to for further information.

    Join as Listener

    ICDPR 2021 is an unmissable conference. It is a good chance and an effective plateform to meet other renowned experts in the filed of Data Processing and Robotics. You are welcome to attend this great event. You need to complete the registration as Listener before the registration dealdine. Send email to for further information.


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